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A patient was seen for removal of a cyst in another state then was seen by our office three days later for follow up on this same diagnosis. We have no affiliation with the practice where the patient was initially seen. This is a new patient to our office so had a new visit and debridement done. How is this best coded so it is not counted as global?

Thank your for your reply. Perhaps I should clarify a bit further...
Since we are not affiliated with the physician in another state that provided the inititial care we do not know what the same procedure code they us with a 55 modifier - did you mean bill a 55 modifier with the E/M code? We did do a full new patient visit since we had no information from the first doctor. 78 and 58 and 79 modifiers are dealing with "the same physician" performing the service which is not the case. This was a planned return to an office for a follow up on the initiial procedure performed by a different doctors office. The only modifier I can find that might work is a 77 for the same procedure by another physician, only we did not do the same procdure since it was the removal and we did the debridement.
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You do not Bill an office visit for a follow up to a different physician surgery you Bill the same procedure code procedure code they use with a 55 modifier then the debridement with a 78 or 58 whichever is appropriate