Foreign body removal - protecting the proximal


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Patient had sliver of glass removed. Dr states removal of foreign body & neurolysis median nerve forearm. ?25248 &/or 64708. All done through same incision.

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Gail Steeves, CPC

This is from the note:

, the traumatic incision was opened and extended proximally and distally in a Z-shaped fashion and dissection carried down carefully protecting the proximal cutaneous branch of the median nerve as well as the median nerve itself. Initially I could not identify the foreign body and the mini C-arm was brought in but the glass was not visible on C-arm. Further dissection, as I exposed the median nerve identified the sliver of glass which was removed. The median nerve was inspected proximal to the traumatic wound and distal to the traumatic wound and carefully teased open the epineurium and there was no injury to the median nerve