FQHC Performing Neuropsychological Testing

Silver City, NM
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Does anyone have advice on how a FQHC could bill Medicare for neuropsychological testing? This is a fairly new service my organization has started rendering, and I am trying to figure out the billing portion of it.

As an FQHC billing with the PPS system, there are only a certain number of BH services/ CPT codes we can bill Medicare for. Unfortunately, the neuropsychological testing CPT codes are not on the list for a "mental health qualifying visit". Which is a shame, since the majority of the population who to come us for neuropsych testing are the elderly and have Medicare.

We're struggling with whether these patients would need to sign an ABN and ultimately be responsible for the charges associated with their testing services; or if we could do all the testing in one visit and bill Medicare for the 90791 CPT code?

Or if we could bill the first visit with the 90791 CPT code, and have the patient be responsible for the subsequent second and third visit?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!