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Paso Robles, CA
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It confuses me… a lot! I’ve done research and sometimes the answers are contradicting on this forum and on the internet. =(

Two questions here-

When the ED doctor preforms reductions, splinting of displaced and non-displaced fractures, etc., I’m not always sure if I code only for the splint or only for the procedure.
Most often, the ED Dr. says the patient needs to f/u with ortho in 3-5 days. Splint vs Procedure?

And then there is this one:

Open displaced comminuted fracture of the distal aspect left tibia.
Displaced comminuted fracture of the distal aspect left fibula.
Large wound to left medial ankle with tibia exposed.
Wound washed thoroughly, fracture reduction: left distal tibia, splint applied, reduction confirmed with x-ray. Transferred to a higher level of care.
Procedure with modifier -54 ?? CPT 27825 ? * On this forum, I read it would be a “closed reduction” in the ED. ??

Thanks!! *I only code for facility