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Need help please!

Patient presents with a 5th metacarpal fracture. Physician attempts the closed reduction to align the fracture and casted the patient. An xray was done after reduction of the fracture and showed it did not align. Physician refers patient out to hand surgeon.

My question is since he is not handling the care of this patient and referred his treatment to another specialists can we still bill for cpt code 26605-closed treatment metacarpal fx with manipulation? Or do we have to itemize each cpt such as e&m, casting with materials, and injection for the manipulation?
Which will be the correct way to bill this?

Thank you
Yes i work for orthopedic surgeon so he is considered a specialist. Do you know if i am correct in itemizing the bill such as e&m, casting, and materials or would you bill the closed treatment with manipulation?

Not sure since he has referred patient to a hand specialists to take over patient's care.