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Fracture coding help needed


New to coding, need some help coding in office Fx treatments. Two scenarios:

#1: If a patient is taken to UC or ER, fx diagnosed, but referred to primary care for f/u care and casting..........who codes the fx care code?

#2: The patient presents in office for right arm pain, Dr. #1 sends to radiology for xrays, fx dx'd, put in splint till swelling is reduced, returns to office, Dr #2 casts. Who charges for the fracture ?

Any help would be much appreciated, this an ongoing discussion within the office.
The answer to question #1 Since non-operative fracture care has a global period, whomever is caring for the fracture until it is healed is who should be charging for the fracture care. The answer to question #2 Provider #1 didn't diagnose the fracture until after the x-rays. Provider #2 would most likely be the one to charge for fracture care. If providers #1 & #2 are from the same group, the group would get credit. Hope this helps.

in first case the primary care can go for fx care code

in second case Dr #2 should go for fx aftercare code

as you mentioned Dr #1 send for x-ray and if after seeing the x-ray he himself confirms fracture than he can charges for the fracture..........
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