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My facility treats SA 3.5-1.0 dual dx. We have recently added gambling addiction services to our regime. I got this information last minute and now I'm scrambling. I haven't been able to find much information online about this, nor am I finding specific HCPC or CPT codes for gambling services.

For In Pt clients can these groups be billed separately or do they need to be part of the per diem?
For OP services are you using MH or SA group codes? Which ones?
What Rev code would this fall under?

If you have resources you could point me at that would be great too.

Are you taking clients in just for the gambling addiction tx? or as a comorbidity to the SA? If its the comorbidity, I would say its part of the per diem. You should be able to treat them as a dual dx facility

If you are taking in just for the gambling tx, then I would check your state licensing. Just because you are ASAM dual diagnosis, may not mean that your state will allow different types of primary treatment in a SA facility. In Florida, SA facilities are licensed by the Department of Children and Families, while Mental health facilities are licensed by the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. In order to treat a primary MH dx in a SA facility, that facility would have to be dual licensed under both umbrellas.

Hope this helps