Gartner duct cyst

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Looking for a code for the procedure "Marsupialization of the left Gartner duct cyst". I have searched the inter net and what I have come up with is "58999" unlisted. The operative note reads,

" A 2-cm incision made over the surface of the cyst and the cyst was entered. Clear fluid was extruded. Next , using a 2-0 Vicryl suture the cyst cavity was sutured to the vaginal mucosa. This was done around the circumference of the entire opening. There was no bleeding encountered; otherwise, there were no complications."

I had thought about the Incision and Drainage codes, but this was done as an outpatient procedure at the hospital and thought it was more involved then a simple I&D.

Waiting to bill this charge, thanks for any imput,