Wiki Gastroparesis in a diabetic patient


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HELP!!! Does anyone know of an article or something that tells when a patient has gastroparesis and is diabetic that it is assumed they are related unless specified otherwise? I know I've seen it somewhere, but I can't find anything! Instead, the only things I come up with is diabetic gastroparesis. We are having an issue of a denial due to this physician encounter being coded 428.0, 250.00, and 536.3. I'm SURE it needs to be 250.60, possibly also the neuropathy code, and then the 536.3, but I can't find ANYTHING! Also, the doctor just states CHF, gastroparesis, diabetes.
The provider needs to establish a link between the diabetes and a manifestation of diabetes in order to code it that way. If the documentation is not clear, I would query the physician to determine if the two conditions are linked or not.