General Surgeon Consutation

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General Surgeon Consultation

I have a general surgeon who performed a consultation on a medicare patient on 10/18, performed surgery on 10/20 (a 90 day global surgery) & discharged the patient on 10/22.
I'm being asked to code the consult, surgery & discharge for this patient (3 different codes).
I requested the consultation rpt to code the E/M consult, an op rpt to code the surgery & a discharge report to code the E/M discharge but the discharge would be part of the 90 day global package & need not be coded.
I am waiting for this info but wanted to be sure this is all I needed to code EACH of these E/M codes? I know I cannot code a consult w/o a consult report, a surgery w/o the surgery report & a discharge w/o the discharge summary.
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