Genital Warts, Medicare Pap

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I apologize for not knowing how to bill this in advance.

The patient is a medicare patient. A pap is done. During the pap a medication is applied for the genital warts.

My question is the diagnosis coding. Dr. put down V72.31 and 078.11. I feel that it is not a normal pap and should just be coded with the 078.11.

Please tell me if I am correct in my thinking. This is the first case like this I have ever coded.

Thank you for your time and for helping me to code this properly.
V72.31 encompases screening for cervical or vaginal cancer. That is the reason she is performing the pap. When coding the pap, unless her documentation states that a previous pap was abnormal, you would use V72.31 as your diagnosis, not 078.11.