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I am a CPC - but behavioral health is outside of my confort zone. I recently transitioned into Coding Mgr for a large hosp-owned multi specialty group. Here's the question: Gerontology practice includes a medical MD and a CSW who provides and bills for psychotx to the elderly (90801; 90804-90808; 90846-90853; 96116;96119). Sometimes during a new patient visit by MD, MD will call in the CSW who then spends 15-40 min getting addt'l hx and assessing needs both of patient and family caregivers - the MD steps out of the room. The CSW tells me this service does not qualify for 90801 - she is unsure how to code it or even if it is billable. Is there some way to capture revenue for this, and if so, how? Any help much appreciated - thank you. Patricia
I don't believe it is billable we have a similar situation where the psychologist and sw have a family meeting and we can only bill for one person. We bill the physician since you get reimbursed at a higher level.