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I have some pt that have come from another facility. We bill globaly. Can we start the billing from scatch, or do we need to be billing as though they were seen by us the whole time? remember the insurance is not changing only the medical group.
I really need some insite:confused:
What I do in my practice is that if we have 7 or more antepartum visits over at least 2 trimesters, I would bill it as a global. We only have problems with some managed care companies that require us to bill the antepartum separate from the global and ppv if the patient was a transfer of care. Hope this helps!
It is my understanding that if the patient has seen another physician, they will bill for their visits, be it for the 3 office visits or the 4-6 visits; therefore, I would think the new physician should only bill for the care they provided, and pick up the visits the patient was seen and the delivery/post partum care.