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Albany, OR
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My fellow OB Coders out there, could you all please help me? I am auditing a case where a patient had a missed abortion, and the CPT code 59820 is used. A day prior to that service, there is an E/M billed, (99213) indicating the patient is experiencing complications of her pregnancy. The next day, the service (59820) is billed.
Under my research, (I am predominately a E/M auditor..not OB), I found that providers are allowed to report an E/M service when there is a complication of the pregnancy. I have no problem allowing the E/M code to pay, however, my colleague disagrees. Stating the E/M is part of the global surgery package.
I would appreciate an experienced OB coder's help.

Thank you all!

Missy Davis, CMC, CPMA