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Nanuet, New York
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Hi, I am confused buy the global period guidelines. CMS states the global period is 92 days. Day 1 (92) is the day before the procedure. Day 2 (91) is the day of the procedure, and the day after the procedure is day 90.

"90-day Post-operative Period (major procedures). • One day pre-operative included • Day of the procedure is generally not payable as a separate service. • Total global period is 92 days. Count 1 day before the day of the surgery, the day of surgery, and the 90 days immediately following the day of surgery."

Having said that, if I were to calculate out a 90 day global period for a service rendered on 2/19/21, wouldn't my start date be 2/20/21? If so, 90 days from 2/20/21 would be 5/21/21. However, when I use the CMS calculator tool, it asks me to input the day of the procedure and calculates 90 days from that date, which for a 2/19 procedure is 5/20/21.

This is very confusing to me and I'm hoping to get clarification.

Thank you!!