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If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

when a physician performs a surgical procedure, he may be subject to 10 or 90 postoperative period. Does the same hold true for hospital clinics.


Patient comes into our amb surg clinic for bone spur removal, the physician tells the patient to come back in five days to clinic for follow-up. The physician is subject to a 90 day postoperative period. Can the hospital bill for the visit with an office visit code (99211-215) or (99024).

Can a hospital clinic get paid for a visit that falls within the postoperative period.
I'm confused. If the patient is coming back to see the doctor for a recheck what would the facility be doing that they would charge for? My initial response would be no they can't bill for it but I guess it would depend on what is actually being done.

Laura, CPC
Don't quote me ...

If the physician is in a hospital-based practice ... the hospital employs the nurses, techs, owns the equipment, provides the supplies, etc. The physician charges only for his/her professional fee. The facility charges for everything else.

I'm not positive, because I work for the physician, not the hospital, but I believe that the hospital IS able to charge their facility fees regardless of whether the patient is in the global surgical postop period. (AFter all, the facility didn't perform surgery, the doctor did.)

If I can find someone knowledgeable over in the hospital I'll try to get more info.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CPC-E/M