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Wondering if anyone is having claim payment issues when using globus sensation? All ICD crosswalks lead us to F45.8 which is other somatoform disorders that includes globus hystericus and is classified as a mental/behavior code. Which in result, some payers have been denying as outside the scope of our specialty. Other references have led me towards R09.89 that includes choking sensation but does not specify that this covers the feeling of something stuck in the throat. Any info would be appreciated, thanks!
The description in the ICD-10-CM tabular lists "feeling of foreign body stuck in throat" as an appropriate use of R09.89.

R09.89 - Other specified symptoms and signs involving the circulatory and respiratory systems
Bruit (arterial)
Abnormal chest percussion
Feeling of foreign body in throat
Friction sounds in chest
Chest tympany
Choking sensation
Weak pulse​

Excludes 2:
foreign body in throat (T17.2-) ---> This is for confirmed foreign body (not a feeling/sensation)
wheezing (R06.2)​

I would code this as R09.89. Hope that helps!