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Hebron, IN
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Dear Forum
I am new to Podiatry Coding and would appreciate help with the following procedure.
Patient has Nonhealing pressure decubitus ulcer on the LT and RT heel.
Both ulcers are 4x4 cm
The doctor did a debridement of both ulcers. the LT foot had exposed bone so he did dibridement down to the bone, then used a "rongeur" to debride the bone and sent it for microbiology and pathology to R/O Osteomyelitis.

I'm looking at codes 15277 for the Graftjacket (adding total surface area for both heel ulcers)?
It says simple debridement is included.
I'm not sure if I should bill debridement codes (including bone) seems like it's more than just "simple"
And also, can i code the bone biopsy?
thank you for your help
Hulah Gorby, CPC