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For skin biopsies that come back "granuloma" without an mention of a foreign body, or "granulomatous changes" without mention of foreign body - which code do you use? The book says that for "Granuloma NEC" use 686.1. I was interested if ICD-10 was any more specific. For "Granuloma, skin" ICD-10 uses L92.9 which converts to 701.5 (Granulation tissue) in ICD-9. So, I'm thinking, for my given cases, should I use 686.1 or 701.5, or something else to best describe it?
I code for the pathology department at a large hospital and if a skin lesion comes back with a Final Microscopic and Diagnosis of granuloma the code we use is 701.5. Hope that helps!
Fannie Sue Martin, CPC