Group Colonoscopy visits


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One of my surgeons would like to consider doing group visits for colonoscopy. He does a lot of colos a week and goes over the same education over and over. He was thinking about doing the education as a group and seeing each patient indiviually for history etc. Has anyone had any experience this type of situation or suggestions.
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I have never heard of this type of group session before.

Honestly, I doubt many people would be willing to sit in a group setting for this type of education but that is just my opinion. A lot of people won't even admit they have had or are going to have a colonoscopy so group sharing seems to be a bit much to ask.

I have had providers in the past that used videos of certain procedures, don't remember if cscopes were one of them though. What they did was see and evaluate the patient, decide on the procedure, have the patient watch the 10,20,30 min video (whatever length it happened to be) in another room while they saw other patients, then they came back and did Q&A with the patient. So they don't get to count the time of the video but they also aren't repeating the same basic things over and over.

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