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Good afternoon:

Our pediatric office would like to start group therapy with our behavioral health provider for our new moms experiencing stress and problems functioning. Would we have to bill for each member in the group, or the member's child who is actually our patient. I can't find much information on billing group therapy.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Jamie Weigel
shared medical appointments- SMA

i would look into changing the group to SMA- shared medical appointments. or DIGMA- Drop in group medical appointments. Both would be acceptable if you set it up for the common issues of stress management. you would bill the patients file with individual E/M code even though the mother is the one getting the counseling.

most insurance accept this type of group setting. Make sure that when setting up the SMA that you follow the correct documentation and the small one on one session before getting into the group session.

this is the new up and coming way to increase patient access to the provider as well as giving them group a natural form of support from other patients experience and willing to share their situations and findings. we do them for everything from yearly physicals to diabetes to breast feeding groups. hope this helps