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Our OB/GYN doctors normally do procedures such as LEEP, cystoscopy and hysteroscopic ablations at the hospital but are thinking of doing these procedures in the office in the future, how would these be billed to include tech and professional components? Would the codes change at all?
I have not been able to find anything on this at all, any help is greatly appreciated!
The codes don't change at all. You use Place of service 11. Alot of the Insurance Companies will reimburse more for the procedures to be done in office. Escpecially the Hysteroscopy. Usually if they are done in the office setting you don't knock the patient out.
You just sedate them. I would check with one of the Reps for the Hysteroscopy machines. They will come out and explain everything to you. And you may get a free lunch out of the deal fro the Rep.
When billing in office surgery/procedure be sure to check your fee schedules first and make sure that your allowed amounts with the insurance companies pay you more than a hospital setting otherwise you will loose big money. POS 11 and dont forget bill the injections wit a modifier 59, also bill any drugs given and if you perform a urine sample to ensure negative pregnancy test. Always call the insurance prior to pocedure to ensure they cover in office as well as patient cost prior to. Some patients dont realize their out of pocket cost is so high if they have high deductibles and out of pockets.