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H&p Billed On Date Of Date Of Cath

It's My Understanding That An Admission To Observation Is Not Billable On The Date Of An Outpatient Heart Cath. It's Considered Part Of The Pre Procedure Service. Does Anyone Know Whether An H&p Is Billable If The Outpatient Cath Turns Into An Inpatient Stent Insertion? Would The Cardiologist Be Able To Bill The Inpatient H&p (already Documented Via The Admission To Observation) If He Is The Admitting Doctor Post Cath/stent On The Same Date? This Situation Is A Little "grey" For Me. Thanks.
My understanding is that you cannot bill for the H&P; however, you can bill for the discharge on the same day. I hope this helps you.
My understanding that if this procedure is planned in advance (like most of ours) that you can not bill for an e&m service because you billed an ov beforehand for the cath - this would apply to the interventions that are a cause of the cath.