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Does anyone have any documentation on how to properly bill for the hand assisted laparoscopic procedures? I am needing specific proof to show that it's coded one way or the other. If you do, could you please email it to me:
If the work is done through the scope, regardless if a hand is assisting it's still a scope procedure.

CPT Changes 2006 p.124 for code 44202 discusses doing extracorporeal anastomosis and it still counts as laparoscopic.

Here a quote from CMS: "Current efforts focus on developing minimally invasive approaches to more complex traditional procedures. For example, hand-assisted laparoscopy will allow endoscopic approaches to be applied to procedures that are now performed in a completely open surgical environment."

I know that doesn't directly answer your question but I hope it helps.
I can't find the reference but this question was asked on Karen Zupko's question/answer website and it was stated that it was laparoscopic. That's how I code it.
Thank you! The hospital facility coders have been coding their portion as open and I've been coding as laparoscopic. I can't find specific documentation stating exactly how it's to be coded.