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I have an op report where the surgeon dissected the Lt. main coronary that was trapped within the Rt. pulmonary outflow tract (on cardiopulmonary bypass). He then needed to patch the pulmonary artery because the muscle was thin, BUT, rather than needing to perform anastomosis with the Lt. main coronary to the aorta, it was basically 'set free' because it was a complete artery and didn't need any 'help' from the aorta.

The closest codes I can find is 33504. However, it describes the anastomosis of the artery to the aorta...which didn't happen. I was also looking at 33506...however, this describes translocation of the artery which is then anastomosed to the aorta...

So, should I submit code as unlisted 33999 and say that the procedure is similar in time, risk and effort to 33504? Or, submit with 33504 and append modifier 52?????

Any insight is really appreciated!:confused: