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cathy reidy

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I am researching code L4361 it is not in the coding manager nor :confused:in the 2012 hcpc book?

I did read that L4361 code is used specifically with a patient that has been diagnosed with dx 713.5 only.

Need advice,

Cathy L. Reidy, CPC

The only information I could find is that L4361 is under ankle/foot orthosis and the only diagnosis you can use is 713.5. Hope that is helpful.

L4631 vs L4361

Are you sure you don't mean
L4631: Ankle foot orthosis, walking boot type, varus/valgus correction, rocker bottom, anterior tibial shell, soft interface, custom arch support, plastic or other material, includes straps and closures, custom fabricated

L4361 is not a code
hope that helps
There are actually 2 different sites on Google that list code L4361 and one of those sites is the HCPCS 2011 Index guide. It could be that it is a typo but the 2nd site also states you can only use dx code 713.5 as Cathy stated in her post. Now I am intrigued...