HDL Bankruptcy Fradulent Transfer Demand Letters from Liquidating Trustee


Indian Trail, NC
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Dear Colleagues:

Several weeks ago, our office received a Bankruptcy Fraudulent Transfer Demand Letter from the Liquidating Trustee of the Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc et al, Liquidating Trust (HDL). They were demanding 90% return of processing fees HDL paid to us. If you used HDL in Richmond, VA for testing for your patients, you may have received a similar Demand Letter. I have spoken with an attorney whose firm has offices nationwide, as well as internationally. I was told that we have a credible defense but mounting such a defense would be costly for just our small practice. If, however, there are other practices that are in the same position, we could join together to fight this and share in the cost. The more offices we have joined together in this unfair effort to take back money for collection and processing services that we all contracted for in good faith on behalf of our patients, the less we each will pay individually. Please contact me at rsegal@lzftc.com or 847/540-8020 for information.
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