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I have a question for ENT groups that have audiologist employed and dispense hearing aids. We have seen a lot lately regarding one charge for the hearing aid and include the assessment and fitting, etc in that one charge, and now it has been suggested to unbundle the charges and charge separately for the fitting, etc. Part of this is because if we have the full charge bundled when we submit to insurance carriers, they are only paying a percentage above our cost of the hearing aid and not paying for the other services. Also, we would like to have the patients sign a waiver and collect up front, and then as a courtesy file their insurance, but make them responsible for the balance. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Thank you
Cynthia Robinson, RT, CPC
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You will have to check your contracts to see if you are able to balance bill after insurance. Some will allow and some wont. We are able to balance bill patients for our BCBSMI but that is it for contracted carriers, others we have to take the fee schedule. Also some carriers include the fitting fee in with the purchase of the hearing aid. Again depends on the carrier.
Thank you for your response, also some practices are making every patient sign a waiver that they will process the insurance as a courtesy, but expect payment in full in advance of receiving hearing aids and then will refund the patient if there is an overpayment. Any ideas on this. Some practices are losing money on the hearing aids and there has to be a way to cover their costs, but still have some profit to continue to practice.
C. Robinson