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I'm new to billing for a pyschiatrist and am needing some input on 90887. Typically, my doctor will bill 90862 for med management and sometimes add 90887 depending on the patient's condition/age. I cannot get 90887 paid by Medicare! Am I missing a modifier or is this a service they do not cover? How I read the descrpition of the code, I cannot determine if the patient is present or not. I also have a situation where that is the only code she is billing on this date of service and they still denied it! Help please!!!
I found the answer. You won't get paid by Medicare because it is a non-covered service. This seems unfair...
Check out this link to Psychiatric coding for Medicare Part B on page 38 Manual/PsychiatricServices.pdf

Psychiatric Services
Rev. 10/2011 38 Psychiatric Therapeutic Services
Other Non-Covered Services
90885© Psy evaluation of records
90887© Consultation with family
90889© Preparation of report
Reimbursement for CPT codes 90885, 90887 and 90889 is bundled into that of other services. These codes should not be billed separately.
Thank you so much for the info!! I also think it's HIGHLY unfair that MCR takes a Psych Reduction on these psychiatric services as well. However, apparently this is trying to be phased out over the next four years. Thanks again!