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I have two op reports and I am very new to this specialty.

First: 32656 with 31622

Second: 32607, 31622, 32674

On both, it appears all the procedure were done however; 31622 is a separate procedure so does that mean I need to not code it?
I have never coded these procedures before and I am more than a little bit lost.

I don't see any NCCI edits. Separate procedure means its typically bundled into another procedure. I believe the main reason this code is listed as separate procedure is because a diagnostic scope is included in a surgical scope (for example you cant do a surgical colonoscopy without exploring the area with a colonoscope). Since these are 2 separate types of scopes (one is through mouth and other is through an incision in the thorax) they should be separately reportable if the notes indicate both types of scopes were done
I believe the STS recommends not billing the 31622 when performed with any cardiothoracic surgery because it is not a true diagnostic procedure, it is used more for guidance. When I was coding for Duke University they were very adamant about not billing 31622 unless it was without a doubt a true diagnostic study.