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I need help with a coding question and I do not have the answer.
Here is the scenario:
The client didn't even know she was pregnant – got into a car accident on 5/20 and went to the ER. That's when they told her she was pregnant but they were not sure she would hold the baby. Sure enough on 5/28 she presented to the ER again having a “spontaneous abortion”.
The facility billed 634.90 for the lab work done on 05/28 and the ER charge was billed with 637.91.
I do not have any other information.
Without having any additional documentation I can't give a definitive diagnosis.
Do you know of any coding documentation that helps define how this should be coded?
I appreciate any help anyone can provide.
634 is for the spontaneous abortion and 634 is for abortion not specified as spontaneous, so I agree with 634.90 given what you have provided the fifth digit is whether it is specified as complete or incomplete but you did not specify so I would stick with the 0.