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theresa pugh

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:confused: I have had the CPC credential since October 2006, with no success in finding a job. Every opening requires a 2 year college level coding course. I took an accelerated PMCC course approved by the AAPC given by a clinic where I was employed. I took the CPC exam 3 months later and passed the first time. My experience is assuring cpt and icd-9 codes correspond for medical necessity prior to scheduling exams for 12 years. This is not considered prior coding experience to any position I apply for, but it was accepted by the AAPC and I was given CPC instead of CPC-A. Any suggestions ? Any help ?
Can you travel?


It sounds like you have a lot of experience, do you have the desire to travel? I am a consultant and work full time, I travel and love it. Certified since 2001 but 13 years in the business. There is some high demand for traveling coders and some demand for remote.

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I would like to find out more regarding the travel opportunity. How long
is the travel? I'm in San Antonio. How can I contact the hiring office?