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I find there are physicians documenting the following for final diagnosis. Please give your opinions on what code would be appropriate.
- croup symptoms
- gastro symptoms
- seb derm rash
- scenario where the a 3 day old baby is brought to the clinic for weight check after newborn H&P 3 days diagnosis would be good weight gain.
- chest pain radiating to back, neck and shoulder.

Give opinions..Please!!
I'll give my 2 cents...

croup 464.4
gastro symtoms-too vague (vomiting, diarrhea, abd pn., reflux??)
seb derm rash 690.10
weigh check V20.2
chest pain 786.50
Hi there!

Thanks Rebecca..that was helpful...

Thanks to Lisa too!! I know symptoms is too vague...but to put it generally..My concern was whether to code to symptoms or to the condition itself in such situations..!!? :confused: