Wiki HELP!!!!!!!!!!!Diskectomy & fusion C4-C7

Mobile, AL
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I am having an issue with Anterior Cervical diskectomy and fusion...Insurance company is stating we need to submit corrected claim with code for fusion and diskectomy performed at the same level....What the dr reported was
22554 22585 22846 63075 63076 20930 38220 22851....with the following op notes;
..kisk space identified c5-c6 self retractors were inserted over c6-c7 disk and pins for the vertebral body spreaders were placed in the c6 & c7 bodies disk at c6-c7 was incised and kisk material removed in piecemal fashion...anulus of posterior ligament was removed..bilateral foraminotomies were was sized an lordotic co rent spacer was sized..bone marrow aspirate done..osteocel allograft material.filled the c5-c6 identical porcedure was c4-c5 same procedure was performed..plate was positioned...verified by fluoroscopy,,,anchored in place...

I know he cant report 22554 with 63075..but would you change it to 22551 & 22552 X2..??? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
Lisa Fisher
Hi Lisa, you would not code the discectomy separate from 22551. From what I can see from what you posted, it would be 22551, 22552 x 2, 22846 (although it is not very clear from the portion of the OR report you posted where it was placed. For anterior plate placed on 4-7 vertebral segments it would be 22846, anything less than 4 is 22845 so you may want your dr to clarify.) 20930 for the graft and 38220 51 for the aspirate. I dont see where he placed the interbody instrumentation so you wouldnt use 22851.

Thank you!