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Hello, I am a 44 yr old at home mom who has never worked in the medical field but decided to take a class on Medical Billing/coding. I graduated from my school with high honors just a month ago. I am not certified yet because i wanted to get some experience first. I live in the Snellville, Ga area and I am looking for employment in a medical office. I have been volunteering at a digestive clinic just to get the experience, but would like to gain the experience and get paid as well. I am looking for anything in the medical administrative field. I am finding it more and more difficult to get my foot in a door. ALL I NEED IS A CHANCE!! So if anyone can help, please, please let me know...Thanks!
There is a company in the Atlanta area called Healthport. They handle ROI for most of the major hospitals in the area, but also have a coding department. They offer training for most of the postions that they have. Hope this helps.