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A socket reconstruction with reformation of both the supeior and inferior fornices, central tarsorrhaphy, conformer which was sutured in place and mucous membrane graft from the lower lid.

Ellman radiofrequency cutting needle was used to incise the inferior and superior fornix area in which I wanted the conformer to fit. There were significant bands and a significant amount of fibrosis in the superior temporal quadrant. This was lysed. The implant was in an anterior position. It was exposed only in a small 2 mm area superiorly and revealing an implant wiith a stanless steel mass around it. two 6-0 chronic sutures were used to close the deep tissues aroudn it to prenvent it from being complete exposed. The lower lid was everted and the ellman cutting needle was used ot incise in elliptical incision to remove full-thickness mucous membrane graft. Care was taken not to violate the frenulum and stay fair distance away from it. The donor site was sutured, knots buried. graft was prep one for the upper fornix and one for the lower fornix. tese wer sutured in place with both ....sutures. Using a double armed 5-0 prolene sutre the conformer was sutured into the socket through the skin and tied over a silicone bloster taken from the silicone tubing of a butterfly intravenous catheter. These were tied securly in plaace. a suture was placed throug the lid margin and in the center portion of the lid and tied over a smiliar bolster to keep the lids closed furing healing process.

68340 not sure...
15260 for full thickness graft. and 67875 for temporary closure of eyelids.

I'm having a heck of time figuring out true code for the conformer. Please help.