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Going on 6 weeks and no test results. Many people that took the test with me have gottin there results. Everytime I call they tell me the results have not been mailed yet. If they have the results why have they not been mailed. My boss thinks I am lying to her about getting my results. Can someone at the aapc please help me before I lose my job? Why has everyone else gottin there result? HELP ME PLEASE!

Try "Credential Verification" on this website. I found out within 2-3 weeks that I had passed this way. You enter your last name and AAPC ID# and then you will see if you are CPC, CPC-A, etc. or not. Hope this helps!

I found out from aapc that if they have not graded your exam or if your results are not on your account then checking the credential verification will not help you in finding out if you passed or failed.
I know how you feel!! I took the exam 5 1/2 weeks ago & have not heard anything. I have been checking the verification also, and nothing yet!! I hope that is not a bad sign!!!::mad:
Same here. There were 9 of us that went to school together and took the test at the same time, 5 weeks ago today. Every one of them but me, found their results out last Monday.
OK, it's has been 6 1/2 weeks since I took my exam, and the girls that took it the same day as me, got their results. So, I finally called the AAPC. They told me that my results were not back yet & they would put a track on them. So, maybe you should call them. Sounds like the same situation as yours.
I called them last week and they had no record that mine were sent out, and they would check into it. I also keep checking the web site and nothing shows up. I keep thinking I didn't pass because nothing shows on the web site. It's just the anticipation. The deadline is this weekend to retake the text before the end of the year, so it's hard to know what to do. Anyways Kathyrod thanks for the information. I called them last Wednesday, so I'll give them a few more days and call again. Good luck to you.