Wiki Help !!!!!!Need clarification on 61070 with fluroscopic guidance


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The patient was brought in to the operating room and positioned on the operating room table, 2 grams of Ancef were given IV. His
region over the left frontal entry point for his shunt where Rickham reservoir was located was then clipped, prepped and draped in a standard fashion. Fluoroscope was then brought in and the entry site until the Rickham was determined. The 23-gauge butterfly was passed and spinal fluid was visualized within the tubing. We measured the pressure at 11 cm using a CVP manometer. How this procedure can be billed ..
Can we bill 61070 and 77003 for fluoroscopic guidance..
This specialty isn't my area of expertise, but I don't think 77003 is the correct code for the fluoroscopy here because this isn't a spinal injection procedure. 77002 sounds more appropriate, but that it is a bundled code the NCCI tables, which indicates that CMS considers this an inherent part of the procedure, so you wouldn't bill it separately in this case.
billing for facility for fluro 77003 and procedure room 62323

We are getting an error when billing for facility charges for fluoroscopic guidance. Procedure room 62323 and fluoroscopic guidance 77003. Are other facility billers have the same problem. If not how are they solving this issue?