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I have a patient that was seen in ER on 12/2/15 and then went directly to the office to be seen. The PA saw him and billed 25600 and then on the same day he went back according to the notes and was admitted for outpatient Surgery, The dictated operative report on 12/2/15 by the physician is 25605. I need to know if these can be billed together all on the same day. I have a feeling they will reject or do I need to add a modifier. The PA stated she could bill fracture care also. My thought is that she could bill a E&M with a modifier 57 and then her supervising provider that did the closed reduction with manipulation would charge for that. I need help with this matter! Thanks


The note is blank now and back in open status. originally in the note it stated that the patient had xray and present directly from the ER. I am thinking the note was scribed wrong by the receptionist I am going to have to wait until the note is there