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When a patient comes in for an appt with the doctor to discuss the need for travel immunizations, what would be the best way to code that with diagnosis codes. I know insurances don't like V codes, In the past I have just billed the codes for the office visit for whatever shots they are getting. Is that ok or I found the codes
V07.2 (prophylactic immunotherapy) or V07.9 (unsp prophylactic or treatment measure) would either of those be ok for the office visit. Perhaps other ideas? Thanks
I responded to this question that was posed by another member awhile back. Here is my response that I hope you find helpful:

My experience has always been that travel encounters are primarily counseling visits on disease and/or injury prevention in addition to the necessary vaccines and prophylactic medication is sometimes given.

I would recommend that you take a look at codes 99401-99404 for preventativie medicine counseling. These codes are time based, so the time spent counseling will have to be documented and the extent of the counseling will also have to be documented.

For ICD-9-CM codes, I would recommend you report V65.49 (other specified counseling). If prophylactic medication was given, I would also report V07.8 (other specified prophylactic or treatment measure). You would also report the V codes for any vaccines given.

If vaccines are given, append modifier 25 to the E/M code.

If the counseling is more focused on an established disease or signs/symptoms, and the provider spends greater than 50% of the visit in counseling, you would report the E/M level (99201-99215) based on time. If greater than 50% of the visit is not spent in counseling, then base the E/M level on the key components.

Hope this helps.