Help! Revision of Fasciotomy


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Hello: Are surgeon did a Thromboembolectomy of the CFA and the patient had mottling she also required a a 4 compartment Fasciotomy and it was performed through 2 small incisions. (27602)

Now despite this it seemed that she had develped a compartment syndrome. For that reason the fasciotomy was revised.

The skin incision over the anterior compartment was enlarged considerably. the fascia had been previously incised. The muscle anteriorly buldge more freely...The fascia into the deep posterior compartment was opened more widely and freed up the posterior muscle. On the medial side the incision was opened considerably wider. The fascia had been incised already. The posterior superficial compartment was entered from the medial incision and widely opened. The wounds were then packed.....

We do not do alot of these procedures; I do not see a REVISION for a fasciotomy..

Any suggestions:confused:

Thanks so much!