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Distally the small bowel did have an adhesion that was causing a closed loop obstruction in the left hemipelvis. This adhesion was lysed and did relieve the obstruction however, the closed loop was very dusky and cyanotic, therefore the decision was made to do a small bowel resection.
We first billed a 44120 and a 44005-59, but the 44005 was rejected due to bundling. is there another procedure we could have billed for to get the money out of billing for the 44120 and 44005 or not?
44005 is bundled into procedure 44120. If the lysis of adhesions was an extensive part of the procedure you could use a 22 modifier. The Insurance will probably ask for documentation, please be sure the operative note is detailed for the lysis of adhesions. Good Luck and I hope this helps you.