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Our doctor performed a fenestrated fontan, he punched a 4mm hole in the patch and the sutured it......all I can come up with is the unlisted code. I would greatly appreciate any feed back on this.

The procedure is a "Fenestration of Fontan and Dcannulation of ECMO"
The DX is ECMO and Hemorrhage.

The sternum was opened and the Fontan was fenestrated with a 4mm punch and the skin with a 5-0 prolene in a running fashion, then the they took her off ECMO...

this is all I have.....

Once again thank you very much.
Open fonton fenestration procedure w/ECMO removal
33617 / Repair complex cardiac anomalies by modified Fontan procedure
0050T / Removal ventricular assist device, extracorporeal

Again, not my specialty so any CT coder please by all means chime in.

Julie, CPC