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I am new to billing and coding for medications. I have been a physician coder in place of service 22 for over 15 years, so the area of billing for medications for the facility is new to me. I am having a hard time understanding the calculations. can someone please help- documentation indicates patient in ER given promethazine injection, via IV, total volume for order = 1 ML, total duration for order 1 hour 53 minutes. infuse volume= 1 ML. The billing went out as code J2550 with 11 units. In the HCPC book J2550 description states- J2550- injection, promethazine hcl, up to 50 mg. I don't understand why we would have billed 11 units, is this correct billing? is there a special calculation that I need?

any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you
The code is 1 unit for up to 50 mg. Looking at sample NDC's for the code its 25mg per ml so 1-2 ml is 1 unit. 11 units would be 525 to 550 mg. My guess is typo.