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Thoracic laminectomy for removal of dual lead dorsal column stimulator.

Proc: Using landmards of her prior scar lines the stimulator pocket was exposed and the stimulator pocket was exposed and the stimulator delineated and removed out of the pocket leaving the leads intact. Attention was then turned to teh 2 midline incisions. The incisions were entered initially in the lower one of the two. A 2 cm incision was made to the fascial layer and the leads found. There was no evidence of the anchor at that point. The more proximal incision was then used to find the anchor and the lead. The lead was then removed, however it was noted that it had pulled out of the tip of the dual lead pad. It was however retained intraspinal. It was then decided to preform a thoracic laminectomy to delineate the leads and remove them. A central laminectomy was performed centered over the distal tip of the dual lead tips. It was exposed and removed. The woond was irriagated.