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Can anyone help me with the CPT for this procedure done in ER or is this included in E/M?

Note reads: the wound vac is clotted, the wound bled from blood tracking down the dressing and out he back. It is all closed now. Using sterile technique and drapes, I removed the dressing. The wound sponge is contracted and clotted. I talked with patient's wound care specialist through the transfer center, and she recommends replacing sponge under disk. Once I got into wound I had to remove the sponge. Wound looks great, pink. The only bleeding is deep lateral oozing. So I took down the whole dressing w/little experience w/wound vacs. I had difficulty getting a seal, managed to do so, although dressing not pretty. Sponge compressed and wound draining, now battery is low on vacuum unit.

Thanks for any help.