Help with Resume Pretty Please with Coding on Top! lol


Chaska, MN
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Hello there everyone,
Hope you are all having a great week. Ok so I graduated from the Medical Billing and Coding program and received my Diploma, 3.48 GPA. This was back in December 2015 when I graduated. I have had very few interviews and no job offers. I even went to a few resume experts to help me with my resume. The problem is that my working background is all banking and mortgage positions and no medical office experience at all. I have taken the CPC exam twice and I missed passing by only 12 questions but I am scheduled to take it again on March 18th, third time is a charm I say!

So I have been frustrated because all the places I want to apply want you to have the certification which is understandable plus at least 1-5 years experience in the medical office field and some places even want you to have a degree. I have come across a few companies where they mostly want the experience. I have even did a one week internship at Lee Memorial Billing and Coding group and I loved it and they said I did great. I wish they would have allowed me to intern for a longer time.

Anyway, long story long, I sent my resume to a professional and I got it back and it looks amazing, however, I am open and looking for ideas on what to write as my objective or goal summary. I was thinking something like this: Searching for an entry level Medical Coding Specialist position with (company name) that will utilize technical, organizational and communication skills
Have any of you been in this situation? Can you provide me some suggestion's or samples on what you would write. I am so passionate about coding and want to get my career started but it's like how can you get the experience without the job?

Thank you all!