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Hey! To anyone out there...I have a practice I am helping out and they want to do a few things..

1) They would like to bill out 99205,97112, and 97530 on the same day...Can this happen? I always thought you ca not have two visit's in one day billing the same tax ID number. Basically they have a Yoga instructor that consul's the patients. I always put a GP modifier because the Yoga instructor is not a Dr.

2)It is my understanding that individuals working under my "PHysical Therapy Plan of care" (GP modifier) can bill -through my name as the provider-- not rendering provider- as long as it is a medically structured plan (PLAN OF CARE) that is maintained and kept in the chart.
The codes I most use as 97112, 97530, 97150, 98960, 98961

Can anyone help me with this...Any advice?:D
I would definitely audit the 99205 just to make sure you get the 3 out of 3 because a 99205 is very high unless they councilled the patient for over an hour. Is this practice a combination doctors office/pt office? If it is you can bill two visits if it's a different specialty. I would maybe check with the patient's insurance also just to see if they will pay two visits in the same day. I don't think Yoga instructor is a qualified specialty though even with the -GP mod but again I would check on that also. Hope this helps