Hem/Onc ICD-10 Coding Expert Needed (Remote, Contract)


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Aviacode has a CONTRACT (1099) coding position available.

This project entails ICD-10 and co-morbidity coding for Hematology and Oncology specific to risk adjustment. No CPT or EM coding, or assigning RA categories – straight ICD-10 coding. The details are below.

• Oncology and Hematology E/M Volumes: 3000 E/M’s per month with a 4000 backlog. ICD-10 and co-morbidity coding only. No E/M coding.
• VPN Platform is ONCOEMR; it is an oncology EMR.
• We are capturing for diagnosis and co-morbidities specific to risk adjustment.
• This is PRO-FEE Coding
• Must reside in the U.S.

If you are interested, please send the below questions AND answers to jennifer.schmutz@aviacode.com using the subject header "NWMS ONC ICD10 RA"

1. Your Name
2. Your Email
3. Your Phone
4. Years’ experience coding oncology charts (inpatient and outpatient)?
a. When was the last time you actively coded oncology?
5. Years’ experience coding hematology charts (inpatient and outpatient)?
a. When was the last time you actively coded hematology?
6. Years’ experience coding co-morbidities?
7. Years’ experience coding RISK ADJUSTMENT for Oncology/Hematology?
8. How is your ICD-10 hem/onc coding (novice, intermediate, advanced, expert)?
9. Do you having experience working with the ONCOEMR platform?
10. Hours you are available to commit to this project each week?
11. Other Aviacode coding managers you are currently working with?
12. Have you taken this HCC test? (answer yes or no): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HCCWork (not required)
13. Do you have a current signed contract with Aviacode?
14. Do you reside in the United States?

You will also need to code two patient charts if we select you as a potential candidate.