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I was hoping to get some advice on an op note I'm working on. I'm going between 2 codes.

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Right hemisphere cerebral edema
PROCEDURES: Right Hemicraniectomy
Placement of right frontal external ventricular drain
Use of intraoperative ultrasound
INDICATIONS: Patient is a pleasant 65 y.o. with history of a brain abscess which we evacuated 2 nights ago. She initially was neurologically stable, but declined today. A repeat CT scan was performed demonstrating a marked increase in the degree of cerebral edema surrounding her evacuated abscess. The patient was taken emergently to the OR for decompression.
PROCEDURE IN DETAIL: The patient was brought to the OR and placed under general anesthesia and then positioned supine on the operating table with his head affixed in a Mayfield headrest in reverse Trendelenburg position. The ipsilateral side of the head pre-prepped with alcohol, and then a small strip of hair clipped and a question mark style incision incorporating the inferior half of her previous linear middle fossa incision was drawn out and infiltrated with 1% lidocaine with epinephrine. The entire area was prepped with ChloraPrep and draped off in sterile fashion. A time out was performed. The patient was already receiving multiple IV abx.
The scalp incision was opened and Raney clips used then the scalp was retracted using elastic hooks and a Layla bar. Burr holes were placed then a large hemicraniectomy performed with a craniotome. Strict epidural hemostasis was achieved then the dura opened in flap fashion. Onlay surgicel was used. Surgicel and suprafilm were placed under the exposed temporalis. Using intraoperative ultrasound, a right frontal antibiotic impregnated EVD was placed to a depth of 6.5 mm with spontaneous egress of csf under mild to moderate pressure. A 10mm flat JP drain placed subdurally and tunneled posteriorly. The scalp was closed in standard fashion using Vicryl followed by Vicryl Rapide.The wound was dressed in sterile fashion. There were no apparent complications during the case.
Usually when drains are placed they only perform burr holes but he does burr holes along with a hemicraniectomy.
I was wondering if I should just go ahead and use the burr holes for EVD placement (61210) or would Craniectomy for drainage of intracranial abscess (61320) be more appropriate?
The patient does have a history of a brain abscess and then ended up developing a cerebral edema around it.
I just want to make sure that I’m using the best code for this situation.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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